Space Generation Fusion Forum 2024

by Victoria DeFazio

ASU Senior and Space Ambassador Victoria DeFazio was selected to participate in the Space Generation Fusion Forum 2024 on Saturday, April 6. Read on to know more about the event and what she has been able to take away from this exciting opportunity.

Attendee: Victoria DeFazio, ASU Space Student Ambassador, Astrophysics BS and Italian minor, graduating May 2024

What was this event for or about?

The Space Generation Fusion Forum is a precursor event to the Space Symposium in Colorado Springs, CO. It is meant for students and early career professionals to network with those in the space industry, including those involved in space policy, government agencies, start-ups, and everything in between. In addition to networking, there are panels, keynote speakers, and professional development opportunities over the course of three days. The highlight of the event is the breakout session, where participants are matched with subject matter experts to create solutions to an issue in the global space ecosystem. The ideas formed during these breakout sessions are presented to the United Nations Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space later in the year.

SGFF panel with reps from United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs, United Kingdom Space Agency, European Space Agency, Canadian Space Agency, Office for Space Technology and Industry, and the Australian Space Agency

Why did you attend it, what were you hoping to achieve or gain from it?

Victoria; center of image in light pink shirt

I attended Space Generation Fusion Forum in order to expand my professional network and also my knowledge in other aspects of the space sector. As an astrophysics major and student researcher at Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter Camera, I know a lot about the science that goes into space exploration, but I do not know as much about space policy, the commercial space industry, or space agencies aside from NASA. This was a great opportunity to meet students and professionals from all over the world and make lasting connections across the globe. Additionally, I loved the idea of young space professionals having a voice, and I wanted to contribute to a breakout session so that my concerns about sustainable space exploration, as well as the concerns of my whole group, could be addressed to the United Nations. 

What was a highlight of the event for you, or the most memorable experience of the event?

The highlight of the event for me was the people I met and the friendships I made. Over the course of three days, I bonded with a few people who I have remained in touch with. Not only did we get to make professional connections and grow together, we also had a lot of fun, too. Now, I have friends around the globe, and people who will be there for me wherever my career takes me. 

What do events like (the one you attended) contribute to the space industry? Why are they important to the future of space endeavors?

The Space Generation Fusion Forum contributes to the space industry by preparing the next generation of space leaders. This event connects young leaders to the industry early on in their career and provides them with opportunities to become more involved in addressing pressing issues, like the sustainable, equitable, and peaceful uses of space. Not only this, but allows voices across the globe to be heard, not just voices in countries that we would typically consider space powers. Space Generation Fusion Forum empowers those of diverse backgrounds to make their voice heard to influence the future of space exploration.

As delegates for SGFF, we were given limited access to the first day of the Space Symposium, located at the Broadmoor Hotel in Colorado Springs

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