AI-driven space art takes flight in Tempe

ASU Space Student Ambassador Tasha Coelho transforms valley metro buses Tasha Coelho, a senior at the ASU School of Earth and Space Exploration studying Exploration Systems Design and an ASU

Conversations at the intersection of commercial space and sustainability

Undergraduate researchers get important professional development opportunities During the spring semester, two students in the Interplanetary Initiative Undergraduate Research Scholars Program, (IIURSP), working with Dr. Eric Stribling on the Interplanetary

Space for you, space for me, Space for Humans

Designing inclusive futures both in space and on Earth The ASU Interplanetary Initiative has launched an exciting new YouTube channel focused on how space activities are transforming our world. This

Exploring Space and Science Fiction at Phoenix Fan Fusion 2024

The ASU Interplanetary Initiative team made a significant impact at Phoenix Fan Fusion 2024 this past weekend. Stationed in the ASU area of the convention’s Science section, the team engaged

Get to know the Coconut CubeSat

What does COCONUT stand for? Coconut is not an acronym, but instead just the name of the project, “Coconut” or “Coconut CubeSat”. This is a reference to a Monty Python

SpaceBites Ask-Me-Anything spring 2024 series

ASU students learn from space industry companies The Arizona State University’s Space Collective has become a pivotal network, bridging commercial space companies with ASU students, faculty experts, and cutting-edge research

Space Generation Fusion Forum 2024

by Victoria DeFazio ASU Senior and Space Ambassador Victoria DeFazio was selected to participate in the Space Generation Fusion Forum 2024 on Saturday, April 6. Read on to know more

The SpaceHACK student experience

by Shireen Dooling The Interplanetary Initiative’s pilot project, SpaceHACK for Sustainability led by Interplanetary’s Assistant Teaching Professor, Eric Stribling, has one very specific big question to answer: How can we

ASU Undergraduates Conduct Space Industry Research with the Interplanetary Initiative

by Adrianna Nine Within Arizona State University’s Interplanetary Initiative lies a unique opportunity. While undergraduate and online students have historically lacked abundant chances to contribute to research initiatives, the Interplanetary

Not just an acronym: Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility as a Continuous Integrated Process in Space and on Earth

by Alby McInnis, Annika Diaz, Jessica Rousset, David Guston, Ann Kapusta, Benjamin Fernando, Herbert Drayton, Diana Ayton-Shenker, Simon Jackman The growth of the space sector provides an opportunity for democratization