Sacred Space

How do we stimulate thought and discussion on the intersections of religion and space exploration?

Since space exploration occurs within culture, the histories, ideologies, representations, and practices of cultural productions termed “religion” or “spirituality” are not germane, but inseparable from conceiving, building and sustaining human space futures. As humans venture into space, these cultural productions will accompany us, wittingly or no. This project will produce public curated symposiums on the topic of religion and space exploration featuring a diverse set of guests.

Key accomplishments

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Project contact: 

Lance Gharavi

Funding years:


Team members

Abigail Edenfield

Student Researcher

Lance Gharavi

ASU School of Music, Dance and Theatre

Project lead

Jessica Lundquist

Student Researcher

Amanda Morrison

Student Researcher

Mary-Jane Rubenstein

Project co-lead

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