Religious Space

What is the relationship between space and religion?

Religious Space explores the relationship between religious / spiritual practice and space exploration. This project contributes to an inclusive and sustainable space future because religion and collective spiritual meaning-making is a powerful force in international culture and is often ignored in the “academic” and “technology” oriented world of space exploration. If we’re to imagine a beautiful multi-cultural space future, religion is going to be a part of it.

Key accomplishments

  • Hosted an inter-religious story sharing event February 16, 2022.
  • The project’s work culminated with a webinar: Stories and the Stars where panelists helped enlighten our current and future endeavors in space by diving into our religious and spiritual histories.
  • Developed into the pilot project, “Sacred Space: Religion and Cosmic Space Exploration.”

Project contact: 

Phil Stoesz

Funding years:


Team members

Phil Stoesz​​​​​​​

ASU Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts

Creative design and development

Muneera Hashmi

Community member

Derick Tangap

Community member

Indira Jeffrey

ASU Thunderbird School of Global Management

Aletta Oswald Dsouza

ASU Graduate Student

Joy Dow

Community member

Alexandra Wormley

ASU Graduate Student

Doe Daughtrey

ASU School of Historical, Philosophical & Religious Studies

Mrudula Gopal Krishna

ASU Graduate Student

Karen Knierman

ASU School of Earth and Space Exploration

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