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DEIA Service Model Offering

How do we build a JEDI (just, equitable, diverse, and inclusive) space for all of humanity?

The DEIA Service Model Offering project seeks to pull together information, research, and insights gathered from various projects supported by ASU’s Interplanetary Initiative to develop a space industry consultative offering and toolkit to turn insights into action. As a spin-off project from the J.E.D.I. Space initiative in FY23, the DEIA Service Model Offering will use the work collected from the JEDI Community as a foundation for the offering. The project will identify non-performative mechanisms that both enable and accelerate creating a diverse and equitable workforce throughout the space sector – a task that despite being a conversation topic in the industry as of late, has proven to be little more than lip-service. Through work on this project, we seek to answer the question: Can we establish a model that turns insights into action and see results that create an inclusive, diverse, equitable, and accessible environment for the space industry?

Key Accomplishments

The team created the first-of-its-kind community of individuals from around the globe activated around the common drive for equitable and inclusive access to space. A white paper reporting on consensus definitions, community perceptions and experiences, challenges and a diversity, equity, inclusion and access (DEIA) framework will be published. This year, the project, which will be led by Lance Gharavi, Professor, School of Music, Dance and Theatre, will create a tool kit and implementation model to drive space sector organizations to meaningfully incorporate DEIA across their entire business processes.

Project contact: 

Lance Gharavi

Funding years:


Team members

Ann Kapusta

Managing Director – Mission Operations Consulting

Lance Gharavi

ASU, Professor

Simon Jackman

Fellow – Linacre College

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