Space to Thrive Public Panel

October 24, 2019

Interplanetary Space to Thrive

Learn how interdisciplinary teams are pursuing answers to big questions around space exploration with a public panel at ASU Marston Exploration Theater Thursday, October 24th at 5:30 pm.  The event will consist of Interplanetary Initiative project flash talks and a panel moderated by Dr. Cady Coleman, ASU’s Global Explorer in Residence. 

Thursday, October 24, 2019
5:30 - 7:00pm
Marston Exploration Theater ISTB4

Free and open to the public: RSVP Now  Live Stream

Special Guests

Michael Crow
President, Arizona State University

Lindy Elkins-Tanton
Principal Investigator, , NASA Psyche mission
Managing Director and Co-chair, ASU Interplanetary Initiative
Co-founder, Beagle Learning


Dr. Cady Coleman
ASU’s Global Explorer in Residence  
Astronaut, Scientist, Musician, Explorer, Mom


Panel: Interplanetary Project Leads -

Lance Gharavi - Port of Mars
A social science experiment embedded in a compelling game about Mars settlement.

Sangram Redkar - Rapid Responsive Space
Developing multiple ways to design space missions capable of accommodating new needs that emerge during mission operations.

Timiebi Aganaba - Space Advisory
This project is to develop the strategic plan for a lab to identify and address the future of space legal and policy issues as it relates to industry, government, and academia through a dedicated legal clinic and advisory service.

Evgenya Shkolnik - Exploration Learning
Education techniques that teach process, problem-solving, and grit, and avoid rewarding the blind acceptance of content.

Robert LiKamWa - Five Senses in Space
Constructing a virtual reality + smell engine with the earthly and spacey scents. The team also unveiled the Mars Exploration Mobile Unit which is a simulated Mars habitat.

Geoffrey Clark - Humans and Robotics
Designing and building an exoskeleton prototype that has applications for both astronauts and people on Earth.

Lance Gharavi - Vox Celestia Podcast
A brand new podcast featuring innovators and thought-leaders at the cutting edge of designing and building the future of humans in space.

Kaylee Poetsch - Satellite Operations Course 
Qwaltec and ASU are partnering to create the world’s first online satellite command and control certificate.

Free and open to the public 
Live Stream