SpaceWorks Project

The ASU SpaceWorks Project offers sequential, semester-long, workforce development classes that offers undergraduate students in ASU’s School of Earth and Space Exploration and Fulton College of Engineering the opportunity to participate in NASA mission-focused, project-based learning opportunities.

The goal of the ASU SpaceWorks Project is to leverage ASU’s unique exploration assets and NASA mission involvement to provide students with an immersive and relevant learning environment that will give them practice and insight into the exploration process.

Project Goals

Students will participate in project-based learning mentored by current mission scientists and engineers that will give them workforce-relevant understanding and practice in:

1. Project design and fabrication - including the application of SolidWorks, training and use of the ASU Student Machine Shop, and the implementation of a project from prototype through completion within a dedicated team project space;

2. Analytical modeling and its application to planetary exploration;

3. Space mission design and implementation; and

4. Leadership training, including project organization, schedules, budgets, professional reviews and proposal writing.


Students test their conceptual payloads through thermal and structural modeling.

Student teams work on mission concepts and refine their prototypes through building and testing.

SpaceWorks Update

Our Space Works - Level 2 classroom is now ready for student projects to begin! 40 undergraduate scientists and engineers will begin building their projects that will be tested in the Christensen Instrument Group's thermal vacuum chamber to simulate conditions in space.

Students will be undergoing training in cleanroom protocols and electrostatic discharge training to learn proper practices when assembling and testing their projects.

SpaceWorks Lab Area
SpaceWorks Lab Area
SpaceWorks Study Area
SpaceWorks Study Area
Students working in SpaceWorks Lab
Student working in SpaceWorks Lab


Phil ChristensenRegents' Professor, School of Earth and Space Exploration, ASU

Sheri Klug BoonstraAcademic Professional, Mars Space Flight Facility & School of Earth and Space Exploration, ASU

SpaceWorks Students