Next generation neutron gamma-ray instrument development

ASU is collaborating with Los Alamos National Laboratories on the Mars Science Laboratory Dynamic Albedo of Neutrons instrument, neutron and gamma-ray instrument development, as well as new proposal opportunities. ASU and LANL are also working closely on workshops on working with and interpreting planetary neutron and gamma-ray data that will closely involve ASU students, LANL planetary scientists and outside experts.

Progress & Milestones

  • SESE doctoral student Sean Czarnecki attended the Santa Fe Institute’s First Annual InterPlanetary Festival in June 2018
  • Two ASU students interned at LANL during Summer 2018
  • Initiated collaboration with LANL on the LunaH-Map Miniature Neutron Spectrometer (Mini-NS) calibration
  • Began planning for the second ASU-LANL Workshop, after the great success of the first workshop in which we exchanged information on current work, discussed the state of the science and brainstormed future collaborations


  • Use the second ASU-LANL workshop as an opportunity to present student research papers and progress from summer projects, as well as continue the discussion of Mars balloon concepts with neutron detector payload
  • Calibration of the LunaH-Map Mini-NS at Los Alamos National Laboratory
  • Involve more ASU students interested in nuclear instrumentation and provide opportunities for internships at LANL


Craig Hardgrove: ASU
Laura Stonehill: LANL
Bill Feldman: LANL/PSI
Daniel Coupland: LANL
Katheryn Mesick: LANL
Suzanne Nowicki: LANL
Stephen West: ASU
Travis Gabriel: ASU
Steven Dibb: ASU