LANL Neutron Spectrometer

Next Generation Neutron Spectrometer

How do we develop the next generation neutron gamma-ray instrument?

In collaboration with Los Alamos National Laboratories (LANL), we worked on the Mars Science Laboratory Dynamic Albedo of Neutrons instrument, neutron and gamma-ray instrument development, and new proposal opportunities. We parterend on hosting workshops that explored working with and interpreting planetary neutron and gamma-ray data among ASU students, LANL planetary scientists and outside experts.

Key accomplishments

  • Attended the Santa Fe Institute‚Äôs First Annual InterPlanetary Festival in June 2018.
  • Two ASU students interned at LANL during Summer 2018.
  • Initiated a collaboration with LANL on the LunaH-Map Miniature Neutron Spectrometer (Mini-NS) calibration.
  • Hosted a successful workshop in which we exchanged information on current work, discussed the state of the science, and brainstormed future collaborations.

Project contact: 

Craig Hardgrove

Funding years:


Team members

Craig Hardgrove


Project lead

Bill Feldman


Travis Gabriel

USGS Astrology Science Center

Statistical data analysis, machine learning, neutron spectroscopy

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