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Updated May 30, 2019

Discovery of Life

Working on ways to collect data from other countries outside the US.

The survey is currently being translated from English to Korean.


Five Senses in Space

We launched our three student-built payloads aboard Blue Origin's New Shepard rocket and they were returned safely to Earth! The bee team will be analyzing the results of their payload.

We were awarded an $8K ASU-SFIS Collaborative Seed Fund grant for the VR+smell work! This will fund a summer student to work on the smell engine and present this work to the International Astronautical Congress in October.


Humans & Robotic Connections

In the past weeks we continued our work on the second exo-skeleton. We are currently setting up all the PCBs to power and control the new model. We are continuing to develop our intention prediction algorithm with the old skeleton, since the underlying techniques will be the same in both skeletons.

We are making progress on the electric setup for the new prototype. Our main focus is currently on "ease of use", meaning that we want to have a single cable/connector between the exo-skeleton and the backpack. This will reduce the setup time and make it easier for us to collect data from different people as well as testing the intention prediction later on.


LANL Neutron Spectrometer

The ASU-LANL Workshop on May 20th at Los Alamos National Lab was a success! A group of ASU/LANL students discussed different methodologies for neutron and gamma-ray detection and data analysis, along with possible ideas for new neutron and gamma-ray detectors.


Community in a Box

Multiple articles have been published on the Medium website!

Interplanetary Community in a Box Digital Interviews

How to Transplant the Human Spirit


Port of Mars

We presented our project at the Broto Conference on Art and Climate Change!

We began coordinating and planning the construction of the digital version of Port of Mars game.


Rapid Responsive Space

Continued to develop the small satellite component database and began populating it!



A Capstone team at Dartmouth took first place in a NASA funded BIG Ideas challenge--and they used SIMOC to generate their simulated data for their greenhouse design!

The Configuration Wizard has been completed and the dashboard updates are coming along nicely.


Universal Space Ecology

We held a two-day workshop for synthetic ecology experiments and collaboration and it was successful.

Research team members are heading to Georgia Tech to present their research results at the conference there.

Some members of our team that are studying ecosystem viability were accepted to AbSciCon, Evolution of Complex Life, SFI, and other conferences and schools to present their results.


Exploration Learning

The May 13th Exploration Learning workshop was a success with 30 participants and seven speakers!



The ASU Space Works lab has added a new vacuum chamber to the lab to enable the student teams taking Space Works 2 and Space Works 3 the opportunity to test their team projects within a vacuum environment. This allows student teams to design, build, test, troubleshoot, and re-test their projects to optimize their space-based designs. 

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