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Supporting members of the Interplanetary Initiative will have experiences and opportunities including participating in an Exploratory Learning class or workshop, previewing “in development” space hardware and concepts, and receiving pre-event invitations to events, activities and VIP receptions. Select the level of giving that matches your interests and goals and begin the journey into space advancement.

$250 - Comet Membership

  • Includes Outer Space scented Lip Balm Center of the Galaxy – Made by ASU and part of a project called Five Senses in Space. Link to video 
  • Interplanetary Initiative Decal
  • Subscription to II newsletter and other communication updates
  • First listen for podcasts
  • Membership into the II pre-event email notification of upcoming public events and other special news announcements

$1000 - Asteroid Membership

  • Includes: All of Comet membership benefits PLUS
  • Invitation to one hosted pre-show VIP II event annually 
  • Donor name publicized at events annually for fiscal year of giving

$2500 - Planet Membership

  • Includes: All Asteroid membership benefits PLUS
  • Invite to quarterly II meetings that includes an inside look at the Pilot Projects and their progression*
  • Invite to experience Exploration Learning* (EL) technique by attending one of several II classes that are offered annually
  • Port of Mars GAME - one set of this very special new concept game 
  • Name recognition on website and newsletters annually

$5000 - Constellation Membership

  • Includes: All of Planet membership benefits PLUS
  • Invite to attend End of Year Pilot Project Review and Update Meeting with students and participants
  • Invite to meet the Pilot project leads and students at a cocktail reception each semester

Upon selecting a membership option click the give now button below and enter your corresponding gift amount. 

Give Now

Become a supporting member of The Interplanetary Initiative (II) at Arizona State University through giving to help create a new generation of thought leaders to forge the way for humans in Space and thus create a bolder and better society by creating knowledge, changing learning, and raising public awareness and involvement for humans working in space.

Your charitable gift to the Interplanetary Initiative at Arizona State University supports our international efforts in pioneering the way we learn through:

  • Propagating  Exploratoration Learning by pursuing the questions of our space future across the whole landscape of human inquiry and creating teams that integrate across the public-private-university sectors like II’s  Pilot Projects while eliminating the boundaries between education institutions and the community by making education broadly accessible to many audiences.

  • Creation of a prototype for the future of learning in an all new structure called, The Interplanetary Lab (“the Lab”). The lab is designed to include both a hardware factory for students and faculty to create space hardware and software, and an ideation studio, to research and promote “exploration learning”, and for workshops and prototyping/testing. By putting the factory and studio together, we are intentionally changing the future of learning through design. The lab space has been selected and the design is in final review. With your support the Lab space will be built and will continue to evolve and change as technology advances.

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