We Believe in Humanizing Space

The Mission

First we must...

Constellate teams to create a positive and practical path to space and build a framework for the organization of an extraterrestrial society.

Then we can...

Maximize the creative potential of our workforce by building a radical new model for education that gives students the tools and the agency to answer questions we have yet to imagine.

And finally we will...

Humanize space, familiarize it, and make it feel more possible. Space will play an integral role in humanity’s future in terms of both research and resources. Therefore, everyone should be able to imagine themselves, or their children, living and working in space.

The Lab

The Interplanetary Lab includes both a hardware factory for students and faculty to create space hardware and software, and an ideation studio, to research and promote “exploration learning”, and for workshops and prototyping/testing. By putting the factory and studio together, we are creating a prototype for the future of learning.

Forming Collaborative Teams Will Shape Our Space Future 

Interplanetary Interdisciplinary Teams