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The deployable optical receiver aperture (DORA) is an effort to improve satellite communications by creating a large collecting area and eliminating precision pointing accuracy requirements on the host spacecraft. The spacecraft will transmit 1 gigabyte/second over 1000 km with a 10° accuracy for bus pointing. Ideally, this satellite system would be one of many in a swarm and/or constellation providing exceptional crosslink communication and surface to orbit communication. 

JPL will develop the DORA Payload while ASU will develop, manufacture and test the bus. The Interplanetary Lab will house and operate an attitude determination and control system (ADCS) testbed, Thermal Vacuum Chamber (TVAC) and a vibration table for satellite testing to flight specifications. 

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People on the ground can make the cubesat visible from Earth by activating its lights using HAM radios. At the end of its lifetime, it will burn up as it enters Earth’s atmosphere. This opportunity to interact with a satellite will inspire generations of young people. 

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