Lab Members

We’re forming partnerships for research and development to drive innovation and benefit society. 

Corporate members

The II Lab will pair our highly-motivated students with your company to achieve your goals.

Partnering with the II Lab isn’t just a lower-cost option for accelerating space-related projects; it also advances the educational development of ASU’s students, helping train and prepare the nimble workforce of the future. 

Value propositions

The lab is the perfect opportunity to pair our driven students with your companies to achieve innovative goals through partnership.  Plenty of space and the ability to be be apart of the foundation allows for your firm to support students through the entire research and development process for outstanding work.  

Partner with us

  • Low-cost testing for space qualification with TVAC, pointing, power, RF, and vibration testing with facilities under development. 
  • Early access to students training for the aerospace industry—a rich source of quality interns and graduate hires.
  • Low-cost development of high-risk concepts.
  • Rapid testing of small instruments on cubesat testbeds.
  • Proposal development partner for NASA opportunities.