LALNL Neutron Spectrometer 

Next generation neutron gamma-ray instrument development in collaboration with Los Alamos National Laboratories.

ASU is collaborating with Los Alamos National Laboratories on the Mars Science Laboratory Dynamic Albedo of Neutrons instrument, neutron and gamma-ray instrument development, as well as new proposal opportunities. ASU and LANL are also working closely on workshops on working with and interpreting planetary neutron and gamma-ray data that will closely involve ASU students, LANL planetary scientists and outside experts.


  • Use the second ASU-LANL workshop as an opportunity to present student research papers and progress from summer projects, as well as continue the discussion of Mars balloon concepts with neutron detector payload
  • Calibration of the LunaH-Map Mini-NS at Los Alamos National Laboratory
  • Involve more ASU students interested in nuclear instrumentation and provide opportunities for internships at LANL

Key Accomplishments

  • SESE doctoral student Sean Czarnecki attended the Santa Fe Institute‚Äôs First Annual InterPlanetary Festival in June 2018
  • Two ASU students interned at LANL during Summer 2018
  • Initiated collaboration with LANL on the LunaH-Map Miniature Neutron Spectrometer (Mini-NS) calibration
  • Began planning for the second ASU-LANL Workshop, after the great success of the first workshop in which we exchanged information on current work, discussed the state of the science and brainstormed future collaborations


Craig Hardgrove

Laura Stonehill

Bill Feldman

Daniel Coupland

Katheryn Mesick

Suzanne Nowicki

Stephen West

Travis Gabriel

Steven Dibb