Toward Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Project Goals

Advancing diversity and inclusion in the space sector by providing sector stakeholders with data-driven insights to provide clarity on the issue of diversity and inclusion. This project explores the conditions required for an accessible space future and also establishes objective criteria for a new industry award for actors who best exemplify commitment to this goal.


Wyatt Lupton
Thunderbird Grad student: Financial & data analyst, small business consultant

Hana Pinard
Owner, Pinard Consulting, former payload integration engineer, NASA-Johnson Space Center, Houston, TX

Timiebi Aganaba
ASU Professor: Space governance and equity

Gilles Doucet
Space Security Consultant (integrating space technology, policy & law)

Derek Shaw
Program Director, Thunderbird For Good at ASU

Chenelle Bonavito Martinez
Vice President, STEM Talent Programs, New York Academy of Sciences

Anthony Nguyen
Product Lead, Launchpad 

Nick Shivka
ASU MSUS student; Behavioral health specialist & provider (Desert Rain Behavioral Health)