Advancing society
through exploration

Introducing a pan-university effort that will pave the way for the future of humans in space


We are pleased to announce that after ten years of engaging in public discourse on humankind’s most fundamental questions about our origins, the Origins Project will now transition into Interplanetary Initiative, a pan-university effort to pave the way for the future of humans in space and advance society through exploration.

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Pilot Projects

We are motivated by a series of big challenge questions. In 2016 we began a series of pilot projects to test our concepts and processes. These teams are moving quickly — view All Projects to learn more and see a more complete list.

Collaborative Teams

ASU excels at creating fruitful and deep collaborations among a broad range of disciplines. We can initiate the teams that will shape our space future, and we can connect outside the university to learn and to magnify our common efforts.
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