Advancing society through exploration
Introducing a pan-university effort that will pave the way for the future of humans in space

Our Mission

Today, space is a realm for heroes. But our new Sputnik moment could be a recognition of our mutual fragility as citizens of this small blue planet. We can forge an alternative future, and our cooperation can provide a blueprint for a commonality of purpose that eludes us in our terrestrial endeavors. To do that, we must create the future of humans in space.

Generate Support

We must create a viable path to space through full modernization and socialization of technology.

Create a New Model

We must maximize the creative potential of our workforce by building a radical new model for education.

Humanize Space

Everyone should be able to imagine themselves, or their children, living and working in space.

Our Concept

ASU excels at creating fruitful and deep collaborations among a broad range of disciplines. We can initiate the teams that will shape our space future, and we can connect outside the university to learn and to magnify our common efforts.

Collaborative teams will shape our future

Our Research

Pilot Projects

We are motivated by a series of big challenge questions. In 2016 we began a series of pilot projects to test our concepts and processes. These teams are moving quickly — view all projects to learn more and see a more complete list.

How can we better connect robotic and human space exploration?

How do we galvanize public and private support for space exploration?

How do we educate and prepare the next generation for space?

What legal, political, and social norms will govern human exploration?

“We believe that humanity’s future in space is inevitable. To get there, we must create a critical mass of people who are attracted to the unknown, seek out unsolved problems, and are willing and able to find solutions.”

Lindy T. Elkins-Tanton
Director, School of Earth and Space Exploration